It is my first time having a Birthday Party Outside the home what advice would you give me?

We advise parents/guardians having their first birthday party outside the home to consider booking during the weekdays. The reason for this is that weekdays will tend not to be as busy and if it's your first birthday party in a play centre this can take some of the stress out of the experience. Make sure you bring your partner or another adult family member to help you with the birthday party. At least one extra pair of hands (parent, partner, friend) is invaluable to help supervise the children, bring the presents to the car after all the children have arrived, meet the parents, help out at the party table. Also arrive early and bring the cake and a sack for the pressies. Remember once the party is over you can go home to a clean house and relax while we happily clean up after the party at Fun Fitness.

Am I expected to buy other parents teas & coffees?

Other parents don't expect this. Your job is to supervise the children at the party the parents if parents want to stay around will get their own teas and coffees.

I am worried about my Birthday Presents getting lost or mixed up with the other party.

Mistakes can be made and mix ups can happen but to make sure to avoid this it is probably best to drop the bag(s) of presents out to the car after the children have arrived at the party.

What do I need to bring?

You only normally need to bring two things the birthday cake and a sack or two for the presents. Though we can supply a birthday cake if it suits you better just make sure to let us know when you book.

How much is the deposit for the birthday party?

The birthday party booking fee is 50 and the birthday party is not booked until the booking fee is paid. Initially there was no booking fee for birthday parties at Fun Fitness but unfortunately we found that some people would book and not show up leaving us waiting having done all the work for a party that never arrived.

How early should I arrive?

Ten minutes before the start of the party is ideal. But make sure to be ontime as the party cannot over run and your child will want to enjoy the full 2 hours at Fun Fitness. Though if you are late don't worry our party host will meet your guests and book them into the party.

How do I book the party?

Booking Your Birthday Party Is Easy Phone 01-2998080 (Open between 10am-6pm daily) Or Email Us With Your Name And Phone Number.

Where can I get invitations?

You can print off your own Birthday Party Invitations here these are really handy as they have a direction map and our phone number for parents who don't know where we are. It also has a reminder to parents to make sure their kids have long sleeves, socks and leggings to safely enjoy their play.